Monday, June 24, 2013

Update from Canada

Hello blog readers...
I'm still here! 
At a phase in life right now where I have so many posts and ideas and things of that sort rolling around in my head but I simply don't have the time to get all of that onto here. =) 
One of these days, maybe I'll finally get caught up on everything else and be able to devote a little more time to my own blog and all the ideas & dreams I have for it.
Ah, for just a little more time in a day!
Been in Canada for right at a week & a half now.
Sista says I'm starting to talk like a Canadian. =) Its true-the accent comes so easy for me when everyone around me is talking with a canadian accent!
No fear though-I'm not moving up here anytime soon. =)
Its been good but I still find myself super homesick.
Biggest thing I miss right now is the smell of the farm.
Or maybe its the amazing people at my church....
or snuggling the babies there....
or being able to get a good wifi signal ANYTIME.
Or having enough room to actually stack my shoes.
{Instead of having them in a huge pile like they are now}
Or being able to turn over in bed without falling out.
{hehe...this is true, people!}
Yeah, lots of things I miss.
I'm thankful to be with my family but I have to admit that the first couple of days of this tour we were not "meshing" very well. It was harder this time and took awhile for us to get used to that 45ft space again.
Its so different from the farm.
But its okay...God is good. He's been faithful.
I'm learning and growing!
And on the good side...there are some things that have happened that wouldn't have if we would've been at home.
For example...the random rubber band war that broke out last week.
All littles were asleep.
Parents had retired for the night.
We older ones were getting into our various bunks.
Someone let the first "rubber" fly..not sure who it was!
But before long it was SUPER dangerous to be in the hall. =)
Even with hiding behind our curtains it was wild.
Everytime I popped my face out I was instantly a target.
It was Mitchell & I & Denver & Allison against Carson & Joshua.
May sound unfair but actually they had a big advantage since they pulled the shower room door open so they could also hide behind that.
Sometime in the midst of the fray Liz woke up. She's pretty feisty and right away joined in, gathering up the fallen rubber bands for our side.
It was such a riot!
And I had to remind myself several days later when I was tempted to wonder if ANYTHING on the bus was better than home...
that if we would've been home we definitely would NOT have been having a rubber band war while in our beds, at 12am. =)
Anyway. Just an update on life-no pics this time. Bear with me brainstorms will break lose on here one of these upcoming days! =)

Til then!


  1. Hi can I ask you what type of mennonites/amish your family is. If you don't feel like answering that's ok.

    1. No problem!
      I'm assuming you're asking about my extended family? My parents both came from families that were originally Amish. My dads family left the Amish 2yrs before he was born and my mom was Amish until her family left the Amish when she was 8. They both grew up in churches that are called Beachy Amish. A few basic differences between Amish and Beachy Amish is that the Beachy Amish have Sunday schools, tend to have more spiritual imput/life, and they could have cars & electricity.
      When my parents got married they left that church and joined a much more "liberal" mennonite church, where we attended til I was twelve. Since then we've attended another mennonite church, two home fellowships, a reformed family integrated church, and now a Baptist church. =) Its been quite the journey, but the Lord has taught us alot! And I'm super thankful for the church we're at now-we've been able to learn and grow so much just in the year we've been there.
      My grandparents on both sides are still Beachy Amish. Quite a few of my cousins/uncles/aunts are still with that denomination as well. Most of my 2nd cousins are Amish or Beachy Amish.
      So yes...thats my extended family.
      My immediate family...we call ourselves bible-believing Christians whose beliefs line up a lot with Baptists. =)

    2. thanks for the reply I go to a mennonite chruch but I'm not mennonite.I just like the chruch

    3. Love this statement, Chelsy- what a great answer: "My immediate family...we call ourselves bible-believing Christians whose beliefs line up a lot with Baptists. =)" love it! And y'all go to such a great church right now- I've never been, but our church goes up there often for the youth conferences :)

  2. You could move to Canada and be my neighbor. Please? :) it was lovely to have you here for a short, but sweet time. Miss you & love you! -Rissa

  3. it sounds like your adjusting quickly!!


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