Friday, August 16, 2013

Heading Out

Yes, it's travel once again...although not on a horse this time. =)
I'm getting ready to leave for a 24hr wkend trip to a cousin's wedding.
Even though I feel right now like I could stay home forever,
I'm still super excited about a beautiful upcoming wedding tomorrow
and seeing the lovely cousins again.
I'll be back on Monday with wedding pictures! 

happy weekend!


  1. Wow! have fun at the wedding! :)


  2. Wow I thought more of you guys, that's to bad. Why do you put on a show and wear skirts to church and to preform?

    1. No really doesn't concern me what people think of my clothing choices. So think whatever you like. =)
      Just because I wear a skirt to church one day and a pair of jeans to do chores the next, doesn't mean I'm putting on a show. Its simply choosing an outfit out of the closet and it has nothing to do with what people think. =)

  3. Sorry I don't buy that. You wouldn't wear pants to church because of what people would think. I know what church you go to and they are against pants on women as is the Bible.

    1. It will never cease to amaze me how people are so sure that they know my motives and why I do what I do, better than I do myself.
      Yes, you are right. My church is against pants. I am not. And the thing I love about my church is even though they know that I wear pants (they read my blog!) and believe differently from them on that, they love me just the same and I am totally accepted there.
      Trust me, caring what people think is the last thing I think about. My parents were raised in a culture that relied very much on what people thought of them. And seeing the many problems that came from that, they raised me and my siblings completely opposite of that. All during my growing up years I was taught that the only person I need to worry about pleasing is JESUS CHRIST. Church standards and people's opinions fail and are wrong so many times.
      I absolutely do care about my testimony, and if you've read this blog at all you know that. I'm failing to see how posting a picture of me wearing pants to ride a horse is affecting my testimony?
      I don't think this discussion needs to continue since you are just going to continue thinking that you know me and my motives better than I know them myself. So we should probably just drop the issue.
      By the way... signing as "anonymous" shows that you are ashamed and embarrassed of what you are saying and not willing to put your name to what YOU believe.
      I'm happy to discuss these things but if you're not willing to be known by name as the person who's saying these things than I suggest you leave off commenting all together until you're willing to sign your name. It's ironic to me that anonymous commenters of all people would be thinking that someone else cares about what people think. {???}

  4. It's also to bad you don't care about your testimony.

  5. I'll be praying God convicts you of your clothing choices. I'm sure you will hear it in the preaching where you are at too.


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