Monday, September 16, 2013

Booking Fall Shoots!

Once again I am doing a little "comeback" with my photography business, although this time I'm hoping that it is for good!
I'm currently scheduling senior and family shoots during the month of October, so please contact me soon for a pricelist and available dates, if you are interested!
email me at
on a completely unrelated note, but one that you all may be interested to know,
 blogger has ceased to operate on my laptop for no apparent reason whatsoever.
A new laptop has been in order for quite some time now and current developments are only hastening the departure of the current one....
I am now posting from a family member's laptop 
but since all my pictures are obviously on mine, this will be a boring, picture-less post, 
even though I have oodles of fun images to share with you that are just waiting to be published...!!
At this point it looks like it will be some little time before I can get blogger working on my laptop, or get a new laptop, or ideally, both!
So bear with me for a short interlude of silence here. 
I'm hoping a week will see things back up and running again!


"To everything there is a season, and a time to every purpose under heaven."
Ecclesiastes 3:1


  1. Hey!
    Was blog hopping, and stumbled across your blog. It love it!! Just wanted to say that, my laptop did the same thing with me and blogger, and it turned out I just needed to get it cleaned out real good and updated. Works perfect now!! Might not be the problem with yours, but just thought I would pass that a long! I thought I would have to be getting a new computer soon too, but thankfully I didn't have to! Keep shining for Christ!!! I don't even know you, but just reading down through your blog, you have been such an encouragement to me!!

  2. Thanks, Karissa! That could very well be the problem-my laptop definitely is needing to be cleaned up and updated again. So I will have to try that! I've been planning to get a new laptop anyway (mine is super old plus I'm wanting a 15inch for a bigger screen for photography editing) but it would be very nice if I could get blogger working again before I get the new laptop.=)
    And thank-you for the encouragement-I appreciate it!


  3. Hi Chels... I don't know if you still remember me; I'm Loretta Bartsch from Arborg MB. I met you when you did a report in the Arborg Community Centre a few months ago. Keep shining for Christ and He will bless you for it. I also enjoy photography and hope to get more advanced in it through time :)..... blessings as you travel and share the love of Christ!!
    ~ Lori

    1. Hi Loretta!
      Good to hear from you! It was great to get to hang out with you all a little bit after our concert that night, in spite of those very persistent mosquitoes. =)
      thanks for commenting!

  4. Hi Chels! First off, your blog is great - I love how you've put it all together! My family and I first heard of you and your family a couple months ago... We got a couple seasons of the Duggar's show on DVD and saw ya'll on there. :) I heard you had a concert at a church in Utica, OH last Saturday??? We live 10 minutes from Utica! Wish we could've come and seen you guys.... Your family is a great example to all of us - keep living for Jesus! Love, Sarah :)

  5. Hi Sarah!
    Thanks for commenting! Maybe we'll be able to meet you next time we come to Utica..or come through Ohio. We usually have concerts in the Holmes County area (which is about an hour from Utica I think) every year.


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