Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Joshua||Senior 2013

And now meet my other big little brother, Joshua.
{He isn't Carson's twin-he just finished his highschool early and Carson waited to have his grad party so Joshua could join him and they could have it together}
He is the most laid-back and the most musical of all of us.
I'm pretty sure he's the smartest, too. 
He plays the dobro, banjo, and piano extremely well.
He has been working lately on learning guitar and harmonica.
The only instrument we have that he hasn't played around with is the violin.
And I'm pretty sure even that will happen one of these days!
Joshua loves animals.
Our dog, Ryker, adores him.
And the feeling is quite obviously mutual.
Ryker wasn't super cooperative with the photoshoot but what can you expect from a farm dog, right?
Josh loves books
LOVES books.
Old books. Literature. Historical Fiction. Sherlock Holmes. 
Even encyclopedias.
 Ryker tried to pop into this picture with some puppy love.
Anytime any of us have a question about when a certain historical event happened, or what the date was of so-and-so war, or what exactly this certain person was famous for..or anything like that, we ask Joshua.
I also ask him for Bible references when I am doing blog posts. 
It saves me time; I don't have to look it up.
 Nearly always he can either directly quote/finish the verse for me, and/or give the reference. 
Even with verses that he doesn't know, he is nearly always correct on the book of the Bible that the verse comes from.
Most of the time Joshua is pretty quiet.
But he is definitely capable of being loud, funny, and rowdy with his brothers. =)
He preached at our church last year and quoted scripture constantly through his sermon, without ever looking at his Bible.
It was amazing.
I sat in my pew and thought to myself, "what I am feeling, is the best kind of proud that is possible."
 When he was fourteen, he began to intensely memorize the Bible.
His goal is to memorize the entire Bible by the time he is twenty.
He currently has about 70% of the New Testament, and portions of the Old Testament, memorized.
His commitment to spending time in the Word of God like this is such a challenge to me and I look up to him so much for his diligence in truly seeking first the Kingdom of God!
I love you, Josh! 
So excited to see what all the Lord is going to do with your life as you keep following Him and continue to grow in wisdom and stature! =)



  1. Another great post! Loved the photos with his dog, especially the photo-bombing one. :) That's really amazing about his amount of knowledge! And fun for you all that you don't have to sort through books for answers to your questions...haha! I'm sure he could teach all of us a thing or two about memorizing Scripture. Congrats as you graduate, Joshua!

  2. Great pictures.:) What a blessing brothers are.

  3. Could you do a blog on, If it is right to play instuments in worship and just in life. BecauseI have heard that some people do not play because it can lead to other music.

  4. AMAZING pictures! What kind of camera do you have? Do you have any photography tips for new folks? Also, my siblings are very self-conscious, so do you have any tips on getting them to loosen up? One other rather random question is, where do you and Allison get your shirts? I love your shirts!


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