Thursday, October 10, 2013

Cowgirl Self-Portraits

I've always had this inborn love of the stage.
Anything along the line of props, clothes, acting, and all that jazz...
is right down my alley.
So these past two days I've been enjoying skit preparation for the Bright Lights conferences here in MN.
Yesterday I played a part I'd never done before---a cowgirl act.
I put together the above outfit from various things that I found in the prop boxes, my suitcase, or from a friend.
 The finished result was pretty different from my normal garb but I could definitely get used to the look. It was fun for a change!
And since everyone else was busy and I only had a minute, I took a few selfies in the bathroom mirror to document the outfit, since I really did like it.
{for more pictures from the last two days visit here}

Whaddya think? Should I head west in this? =)



  1. Suuuuper cute, girl! You look like you were born for western clothes! :)

  2. yes you should. :) very cute! :) -sarah

  3. LOVE IT!!!!:) I love cowgirl/cowboy outfits.:) You look great dressed in a cowgirl outfit. Yes, head west.:)

  4. Oh my, totally wonderful!!! I love that outfit! :) You look perfect in it! :) I would say yes, head West in that, but then you would be out of the area.. and that would be sad... even though we don't get to see you enough! :) -Mary

  5. You look great. Love this whole blogtober thing. So neat!
    God bless!!!

  6. How 'bout your whole family heads north to the Appleton, WI area where the Armours could host you and get to know y'all better?! So sorry we didn't make a connection while we were in IA (thanks, chicken pox!) but Hannah certainly was blessed by even the short visit she had with you at the camp in N IA with the Alzens this summer. Bless you and your sweet, wonderful family! In Christ ALONE, Mrs. Armour : )

  7. It definitely looks like that outfit was made just for you. I love it!! Too cute!! :)

  8. Honestly you would fit right in here in should come to VA wearing that ;)
    Miss you and hope we can see each other again sometime in the near future!


  9. super cute. not quite as good as our 'punk' look, though..haha.

  10. Love the cowgirl look, Chels! Now all you need is a horse and some cowgirl boots...just please don't move even farther away, okay? =) And, ah, LOVE the Bright Lights conference skits - definitely one of my many favorite parts of those most encouraging times. =) Praying that conference week is going well + miss you all!

  11. You rock the look, girl! I went through a stage when I was sure I was going to become a cowgirl... and then I decided that I was so going to marry a cowboy... I don't know why you needed to know that... but you know it now. =D

    Hope your time at Bright Lights is fantabulous... which I'm sure it is!


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