Tuesday, October 1, 2013

October Goals||Personal

Allow me to welcome each of you to the very first post in this 
edition of Boho Blogtober!
This first post is going to be short and its all about GOALS.
I love goals. The very word just has a productive-sounding ring to it, I think.
I've always been a very goal-orientated person. 
Kinda my personality..
I love lists, schedules, and plans.
Knowing ahead of time what's going on, and what needs to be done.
When its written out on paper it just feels SO professional to me!
I've found that this all can be bad at times, if I let it drive and control me.
But if used correctly it can be super helpful in accomplishing more than what I normally would.
Lately though I've kind of slacked. 
Being gone for so much of this year hasn't helped but I'm not going to blame it all on that. 
Ultimately it really comes down to discipline and my personal discipline routines could use a little boost right now. =)
So one of my things for this month is to have a list of goals and to accomplish all most of them.
1) Read three books
{start to finish. and write reviews on them}
2) Journal every day
3) Mail four encouraging notes to people
4) Memorize Philippians 1
{seems like a small goal compared to my three brothers who can 
memorize 50 verses in a day without batting an eye. But hey-its a goal for ME!}
5) Do three sewing projects 
6) sort through & put away summer wardrobe and bring out fall/winter wardrobe
7) wash bedroom windows
{don't laugh. this was my sisters idea. she thinks the windows are dirty, which they are. 
not sure why she wouldn't wash them? I was asking her about some goals I should have for the month and she suggested this one. Given that I'm feeling sweet I'm going to do it and not pressure her to help me =)}
8) Exercise & drink water more than I did last month
{thats not saying much. but its a goal none-the-less}
9) Sort through/Backup ALL pictures I've ever taken
{this is an absolutely mammoth project that has needed to be done for YEARS.I have tons of photos backed up on cds but not on a hard drive.So I need to go through all ??? cds and also all the pictures on both computers and compile it all on my hard drive.Almost gives me a headache just thinking about it.But it will be such a good feeling to have it done!}
10) Blog Redesign
11) Spend more one-on-one time with little siblings 
12) Accomplish Boho Blogtober!
{this is BIG, folks!}
I could just keep going and going but I want to keep this do-able so I'm going to stop. =)
I'll be back on October 31st with an update on how I did with these goals.
Hopefully it will be a success story. 

happy tuesday!

{note: be sure to check out hannah's awesome goals, too!}


  1. Oooo... I'm excited to see how many of these goals will be met! I WILL BE WATCHING! =D So excited that you and Hannah are doing this! I can't believe you were able to keep this a secret, girl! ;] About your goal of sorting through and backing up all your pics... I feel for you! That is not a fun job. (I speak from expierence) However I will be rooting you on! [smile] Love the picture of your lovely self!

    Love you!

  2. Great goals!:) Looking forward to seeing more.

  3. I love your plan. You have inspired me to set goals for this month.

  4. I was pretty excited to read the first posts that you and Hannah posted today! *smile* It's always encouraging + inspiring to hear about goals that others set, so thank you so much for sharing, Chels! You could post about those sewing projects, too - love seeing your recent projects. =) Ah, I need to do a full backup of our pictures, too, but pretty sure that won't happen until after November... ;) Looking forward to your post tomorrow and hope you are having a blessed day! ~EB

  5. Good for you! Now that you've made goals, be prepared for challenges!


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