Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Several More Openings for Family Camp!!

The countdown is on..just one month til FAMILY CAMP! Family camp is Sunday-Friday, September 11-16th this year, and it is one of my very favorite weeks out of my entire year.

Normally, I give a "family camp shoutout" around springtime every year, to let people know that it's time to sign up for camp. I didn't do that this year because we were basically full by spring.

But now...well, the sad news is that we had several cancellations. But the good news is that this means that there are now more openings available!

The thing that makes this camp very unique is that it isn't limited to a certain age group or anything. Even though its called "Homeschool Family Camp", it isn't limited to homeschoolers, or just families either. Every year we have small families, large families, young families, old families (okay, sorry-that sounds strange), grandparents, single guys, single girls, sibling name it!
Last year our youngest attendee was two weeks old and the oldest was in their seventies!
So basically if your age is between those two, you qualify to come and are subsequently invited. =)

People come from all over the USA and Canada to attend this camp. Family Camp is special because everyone at camp desires to make Jesus the CENTER of everything that happens. We have some of the sweetest attendees you could imagine! The people who have been attending for years chip right in by reaching out and making the "newbies" feel welcome and right at home...and over and over again I hear from new attendees, "Everyone was just SO FRIENDLY! We made so many friends and felt SO LOVED."

So the long and short of it is that there are two RV hookups left, as well as several spots for single guys, and several spots for single girls. (we have a girls' cabin and a guys' cabin)

I'm reaching out here on my blog because I know that a large number of my readers are teenagers or young people in their twenties. In this age especially, it isn't easy to find friends who are totally committed to living for Jesus and making a difference for Him. But it is always encouraging when you do meet other young people like this and get a chance to have uplifting conversations and discussions about life, values, and your faith! We have a great group of young people at camp and if you're looking to make some new friends, this just might be the opportunity for you.

I would also love it if any of you readers who have attended previously (specifically young people) would be willing to comment and share even just a sentence or two about why you loved camp and maybe what a highlight was for you?
Hopefully this will encourage other readers to branch out and sign up...even if they don't know a soul there! =)

For you new readers who haven't read our family blog or the recaps from the past few can get a little taste of Family Camp by clicking the following links,
9th Annual Family Camp Recap
8th Annual Family Camp Recap

I'm totally serious-I would LOVE it if some of you readers could come! I'm hoping to get the few remaining spaces filled by the end of this week, so you don't have long to sign up. Please drop me a line via email if you are interested and I would be happy to send you a registration form and get you registered!

Can't wait to hear from some of you! 


  1. I would be glad to chime in! :) There are so many incredible parts of family camp + yet one of my top favorites would have to be the conversations, yes! The interaction + sharpening conversation with brothers & sisters-in-Christ is absolutely refreshing. This just scratches the surface, but would highly recommend it to someone considering it! (Oh, and giant speed volleyball games rank pretty high up there, too. ;))

    1. Thank-you, EB! Your reviews are the best. =) SO pumped that y'all are gonna be there this year again!!

  2. This is killing me to know there are openings... 😭. We had so much fun last year and hope to be joining you again next year! I can't wait to see all the pictures you post after the fact.

  3. yes yes yes!!!! Anyone reading this needs to sign up!!! This coming year will be our family's 3rd year, and it is one of our highlights! If you could pick the BEST thing(yeah right!!) it would be the wonderful fellowship that occurs all week long, with people from all ages and stages. I learn so much and am challenged in a good way in my walk with Jesus!

  4. FOR SURE!!! This camp is the best!! I have learned so much, made strong friendships that will last a life time, and the fellowship..... oh the fellowship!! This week is our family's favorite out of the whole entire year!! Any one reading this post needs to come!! this will be our 3rd year coming to family camp and I cant wait for september!!
    - Mackenzie Werner


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