Thursday, January 19, 2017

The 2017 Post

January 2017. This month is pretty much my favorite month in the world right now for a variety of reasons.

First, and most importantly, it is the start of 2017. I love even the sound of NEW YEAR. It just has a ring to it. Honestly makes me "fly up on the wings of anticipation", just thinking + dreaming of all the things I could do this year. Places to go, projects to start, businesses to get off the ground, plans to make...ah, give me ALL the new year feels!

Secondly, tonight has been my "carrot out in front of me" for the past month and a half. As I type this, we are mere minutes away from finishing recording for our eighth family album. Pretty sure there's going to be the biggest party ever happening in the bus quite shortly! Well, actually in all honesty, we are all way too tired to party. So I will go to bed and party another time. Besides, when you're at this point...a long nights' sleep is basically better than a party anyways. Best thing in the world! 

Thirdly...well, I don't know why thirdly. But I needed a thirdly, because I had a first and secondly. So of course a "thirdly" completed it. 
So for "thirdly" let's just say that its just a great month to be alive! =)

As I mentioned in my last 2016 post, I tend to get overly visionary on myself. The hilarious thing is that I'm not even a visionary in my personality. But I am the daughter of an extremely visionary father, who married my extremely visionary mother, and so I really don't have any choice but to have a very large dose of visionary in my genes. Even if I'm not technically a visionary. I still have to keep up my end. =)

All that to say, January is always a time of goal setting, brainstorming, and lots of blank paper. This month so far has been a little different than normal and I'm still trying to catch up with myself. A time like the above picture (vision session from a few months ago) is basically my one of my two greatest wishes right now. Maybe one of these days. Laptop, favorite playlist, Bible, journal, notebooks, + coffee. Double coffee. Or maybe even triple coffee. Basically lots of coffee.

But in the meantime, I'm recovering from a very crazy but very blessed December, and am adjusting into the completely + totally different lifestyle of tour life. For years now I've been trying to figure out if it is easier to blog at home or out on the road. I'm still confused on that so until I figure out, I'll be over here just doing my best to blog whenever I can, wherever I am landed. =)

Oh. And in case you were wondering about my 2017 goals? One of them was to blog 2x a week. 

Yeah, goal blown. (sigh)

"Shoot for the moon. Even if you miss, you'll land among the stars." -Les Brown

Happy January, peoples! And Happy 2017.

Thursday, January 12, 2017

Upcoming Tour Schedule January 2017

Sista + I, drinking our coffee and inviting y'all to join us at one of our upcoming winter tour concerts!

13...Hope Community Church, Lebanon, IN, 7pm
14...New Bethel Baptist Church, Eddyville, KY, 5pm
15...Bethel Baptist Church, Hartselle, AL, 10am
15...Berry Baptist Church, Berry, AL, 6pm

16-19...Studio Recording, Nashville, TN
20...Way of the Cross Chapel, Brooksville, MS, 7pm
21...Graysville United Methodist Church, Graysville, AL, 6pm
22...Renew Hope Prison Crusade, statewide AL
23...ReNew Hope Prison Crusade, statewide AL
24...ReNew Hope Prison Crusade, statewide AL
25...ReNew Hope Prison Crusade, statewide AL
26...ReNew Hope Prison Crusade, statewide AL
27...Good News Baptist Chapel, Dozier, AL, 7pm
29...Lighthouse Baptist Church, Dawsonville, GA, 9:45am + 6pm

I'd be simply thrilled to meet some of y'all at one of these dates, if you live nearby! 

Have a blessed Thursday!