Thursday, January 12, 2017

Upcoming Tour Schedule January 2017

Sista + I, drinking our coffee and inviting y'all to join us at one of our upcoming winter tour concerts!

13...Hope Community Church, Lebanon, IN, 7pm
14...New Bethel Baptist Church, Eddyville, KY, 5pm
15...Bethel Baptist Church, Hartselle, AL, 10am
15...Berry Baptist Church, Berry, AL, 6pm

16-19...Studio Recording, Nashville, TN
20...Way of the Cross Chapel, Brooksville, MS, 7pm
21...Graysville United Methodist Church, Graysville, AL, 6pm
22...Renew Hope Prison Crusade, statewide AL
23...ReNew Hope Prison Crusade, statewide AL
24...ReNew Hope Prison Crusade, statewide AL
25...ReNew Hope Prison Crusade, statewide AL
26...ReNew Hope Prison Crusade, statewide AL
27...Good News Baptist Chapel, Dozier, AL, 7pm
29...Lighthouse Baptist Church, Dawsonville, GA, 9:45am + 6pm

I'd be simply thrilled to meet some of y'all at one of these dates, if you live nearby! 

Have a blessed Thursday!


  1. I just love that picture! You two being that far away, not so much... :/ Praying for your tour!!

  2. I love you girls❤ Praying for y'all! 💖

    -Psalm 148-

  3. I just missed you on the 15th. I was in Dodge City Alabama about 30 miles away.

  4. You and your sister are so cute!! <3

    I got to see your family play music in Big Sandy, Tx a few years ago! Y'all were awesome!!


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